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Your style is your story, and we're here to help you tell it with confidence.


WTF IS FASHION is a styling company driven by a deep passion for style and a community looking to take their aesthetics beyond the ordinary.

From incredibly curated FASHION STYLING to unique experiences on CERTIFICATES, IMAGE MAKEOVERS, COURSES,and RESOURCES to discover the latest trends and transform your personal style– we redefine the boundaries of style.

Whether you're an individual seeking style expression or a professional looking to delve into the world of aesthetics, our mission is clear: we promote individuality, authenticity and help you create narratives through style.

WTF IS FASHION consists of a multidisciplinary team of talented designers with a doubtless sense of style and love for detail.

You are different, we are too. Let´s create different with style.

A Visual Styling Company.


Meet Valeria Elizondo, Founder of WTF IS FASHION and Mexican Fashion Stylist. Pioneer of the "Styling Approach" term, recognizing the impact visual styling has over creatives industries. Having worked with clients over 12 countries and certified hundreds of Stylists across Latin America. 

She brings a rich multicultural understanding to her fashion styling expertise. Her collaboration with international companies and her keen eye has established her as a sought-after consultant in the field. Committed to knowledge sharing, she provides insights through fashion styling consultations and courses, offering valuable guidance to aspiring stylist and aesthetic enthusiasts.

Stay tuned for her upcoming book, set to be released later this year, promising to be a valuable resources for anyone passionate about the art of styling.